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Translation of article n. 97

S.O.S. – Save Our Souls –

S.O.S. from Planet Earth

. . . _ _ _ . . . // . . . _ _ _ . . . // . . . _ _ _ . . . // _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This was the radiotelegraph distress message of old times of radiotelegraphy that was sent when a ship was in serious danger of sinking and was requesting immediate assistance to anyone could give it. In Morse Code 3 points are “S” and 3 lines are “O”, while one line is “T”. The message was repeated three times and was followed by 12 lines which had the purpose to activate the alarms in all radio stations of ships receiving the message, and also in the cabins of the radio officers in order to wake them up, if they were sleeping, and run into the radio station.


The SOS distress message, in this year 2012, has been sent, for the first time in the known history, from our planet, the planet Earth, that is traveling in the infinite space out of control while the souls of its inhabitants are risking extinction. Who will answer to the request of assistance??? Who will be able to assist an entire planet and who will be able to save the whole humanity on it???

The Citizens of the Earth. They only, the Citizens of the Earth, with their union and participation, could give assistance and carry out the rescue of third millennium. The rescue of a humanity who has lost her certainties because the values and ideas of reference, in which modern man has been educated and grown up, have suddenly vanished, disappeared, revealing themselves to be only illusions or utopias without any basis of reality.

The illusions of a boorish and thieving capitalism based on mountains of debts have collapsed with the known disasters of past years. But man, refusing to draw the right lesson from these recent and still enduring disasters, is hurrying up to run, again and faster than before, on the same road of assault already experienced. At Wall Street they have already begun to plunge again into the sea of greed for riches after that the economies of western Countries have been patched, as best as it could be, with the money, sacrifices and suicides of whom has lost the job and of the Citizens of the Earth.

And it seems that no-one and no government can do anything about it. One invokes the growth, the growth at all costs, even more than before and with the same system as before, the only one known by our governors and by them believed an infallible doctrine. But on that much hoped growth it is worth to make some remarks. The first remark is of historical type. Mankind is living today on our planet at the end of a period of a population increase which begun various tenths of millennias ago at the end of a “bottle neck” where a few survivors saved themselves from catastrophical volcanic eruptions or other great natural disasters. For all planet 12 human beings survived and saved themselves.

Toward the beginning of Ancient Rome one estimates that mankind increased to about 50 millions people. At the end of Roman Empire, about one thousand years later, one estimates that the same mankind counted about 200 or 250 millions people. Toward 1810 humanity reached the first billion and in 1925 the world population touched two billions people, until, a few days ago, 7 billions of souls were counted. Planet Earth, instead, has remained always the same. Her total surface is about 148 millions of square kilometers. The resulting density is therefore today 48 inhabitants per square kilometer, which means 21.000 square meters available for each Earth’s dweller, including artic zones, mountains and deserts.

Rounding to 20.000 square meters, each existing inhabitant of the Earth has at his disposal an area, for his privacy and survival, equivalent to a room of 400 x 50 meters, like 4 foot-ball fields. This inhabitant, from this surface of 400 x 50 meters, may obtain all what he needs for his survival:, grain, legumes, vegetables, timber, petrol, minerals, and all products of nature. Given that no-one will take possession of such products on which he trusts for his or her existence.

These 20.000 square meters, unchangeable and non extendible, act as a bond not to underestimate in a global harmonious development. The progress of Nations today is measured with percentages of growth of GNP (Gross National Product). +1, +2, +3 ….., and so on. The Nation is progressing when the growth is positive. But growing continuously involves that always more material things and services have to be produced and consumed, and this can be done only if the resources of the planet were unlimited, namely not tied up to the mentioned 20.000 square metres for each inhabitant. This contradiction is followed by an other one, which is the second consideration, namely the system or mean chosen by the Nations for the achievement of such a “progress” and that is the free market. And the free market is in practice the operational arm of capitalism.

The current non capitalism, which is the denial of the true millenary capitalism as described at the art. n. 16, and also at the art. n. 56, is based on irrationality, namely on folly, as confirmed, even if reluctantly, by the previous chief of Federal Reserve, i.e. the American Central Bank, Alan Greenspan. This degeneration of greed of man has provoked, and continues to provoke, what is called by now the “Economic Feudalism”, namely the concentration of all wealth in the hands of a few. This process continues substantially undisturbed because we do not want to recognize the contradiction and the non sustainability of the doctrine of free market.

One cannot be in favour of sustainability and of free market in the same time. The sustainability implies rules in order to grow respecting tha nature and its growth rates which, for example, would allow to cut a tree only when an other one has grown on its place. Otherwise we will end up just like the inhabitants of Easter Island. If, in addition, we consider the right of each person to rely on the products obtainable from his or her 20.000 square metres of ground then the need to regulate the free market becomes even more an obliged road instead of a choice.

The doctrine of free market selfregulating which alone, without rules, establishes costs, prices and production quantities, was imagined during XIXth century when the belief was that the resources of the planet were unlimited and the number of inhabitants of the Earth was still relatively very small. The development of this doctrine of infinite freedom in the past has progressed in an alternated way through wars and reconstructions because that was its natural propensity. But things have changed and we cannot refuse to acknowledge it.

It appears therefore that the solution is to change completely the idea of “progress”. No more quantitative progress based on positive percentages of GNP, but qualitative progress based on zero increase of GNP in a regulated market economy, of sustainability based on quality of life and not on increased quantities of goods produced. An harmonious growth of quality where the unrestrained excesses of enrichment will be reduced according to what already shown in previous articles, and particularly abolishing, or drastically restricting, financing and operations of stock exchange, that is slowing down the economy relying on our own savings only. Growing slowing down in order to live instead of growing convulsively to nourish the “Economic Feudalism”.

The third Millennium therefore has begun with the launching of the distress message S.O.S. requesting immediate assistance of planet Earth. …..S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. – ….. The message will continue to be transmitted until will remain the last square meter of productive ground and till last man will be on the planet. If the Citizens of the Earth are willing to answer to the rescue operation they can express it with a peaceful demonstration in all cities of the world next 21st June, day of Solstice, in order to indicate to all governors of the Nations the road for a new Civilization based on a regulated qualitative progress made of peace, justice, balance, measure, soberness, harmony, respect and freedom for all persons and all wonders of nature.

S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. – ……………………


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The horses, veterans of countless campaigns carried out up to the borders of the known world, beautiful with the muscles flickering at the clear morning light, were pawing at the winter sun, nervous, along the edge of Rubicon river, showing their nervousness with frequent neighes, as often they used to do at the beginning of the great battles, when they were seeing the fluctuation of the red mantle of the enquiring and thoughtful Caesar in front of them and of the roman legions waiting for the orders of their general. They were sensing, with the tipical instinct of the animals, that their crossing of the small river would have determined the course of history for next thousands of years. They were sensing that they were born and grown up for that destiny. They were sensing that the so many victorious and bloody conquests had only been a preparation fot this last enterprise, the greatest of their brave lives, They were sensing, entering a special tuning with the thoughts that were in the air on the crowd of humans and animals waiting on that edge of river, that they could not anymore escape their unavoidable fate. After a wait that seemed an eternity at last arrived the echo of Caesar’s decision. Ahead!!!! “Alea iacta est”.

After about two thousand years the Man, like Caesar’s legions, is facing the challenge of a new millenary destiny arrived at a new historical terminus, on a new edge of an other metaphorical Rubicon. To cross it or not, this is the dilemma of modern Man. While the horses are pawing, this Man feels that he himself too cannot avoid his glorious fate. The air that he breathes, the so many echos, whispers and sounds from the world around are telling him that he has arrived at the RUBICON OF THIRD MILLENNIUM. This Man is driven by a desire of change, an irresistible force never known before. Standing still means to accept the status quo and to be fearful, to cross the Rubicon means to decide our own destiny and to be our own masters and the lords of our own world, savouring the elixir of a sense of confidence, self-esteem, courage, optimism of a better world and of respect for ourselves that this crossing implies.

The ideas and prejudices that have come to accumulate for more than two thousand years have exhausted their propelling force and have fully shown their inadequacy to supply Man’s Civilization the solid and more just reference points that could lead him in a peaceful development and with the right faith in his future. Some important ideas and prejudices that have by now already passed their time have been listed and explained from the beginning on this blog and it appears clear that these ideas and prejudices, left on their own, continuing an escalation of disasters begun in the past and increasing always more their destructive intensity, will lead human kind shortly at its extintion or at its total ruin.

Many of those ideas and prejudices are derived from the world of Classical Greece because one was thinking that its thought was at the origin of civilization. We know today that things were in a different way and that the greatest  intellectual men of classical world were only the last bearers of a profound, thorough, deep and inclusive conception of true civilization existed on this planet thousands of years before them that they understood partially and with difficulty. The famous democracy of that classicism, at the root of our so much praised modern institutions, has revealed itself, for instance, a great falsehood because it is based on the principle of contraposition or contrast of the oppositions, when we have seen that the spirit of contraposition is destructive and makes the truth or reality disappearing. Italy of our days is the classical example of it.

That same classical world, with this idea of contraposition, has not gone very far, remaining always divided within its territory and condamning to death great and valorous historical figures. The idea of balancing contrapositions was so misunderstood giving way to the principle of the excluding oppositions set against and destructive instead of inclusive oppositions shared and conciliatory which in the past were allowing to look at the truth and to be pragmatic, as we say today. There is therefore nothing to be proud of. It was then only a big flop or, if you like, a great misunderstanding.

The so many contrapositions, left and right, conservative and progressive, monarchical and republican, creationist and evolutionist, faith and atheism, and so on, built on the dead bodies of the madnesses of recent past like marxism and capitalism, comunism and fascism, dictatorship and democracy, poverty and robbery in an infinite growth, and so on, established in civil life, have already partially been described on this blog and have led by now to an unbearable establishment of the opposed excesses. Therefore the time to cross the Rubicon has arrived, proceeding toward a New World Order built of peaceful progress sharing it with all citizen of the Earth. The first step will be to add in our Constitution or in our Constitutions the principle that the rules of economy must be submitted to the approval of the government or of the governments of the Nation or of the Nations, and that the remunerations, in the public and private sector, must in no case surpass the ratio of one to five, that is the most high remuneration may be at the best five times that of the less paid. The idea that the economy has to be untouchable and free to operate its own cheating designs at the origin of so many unjust abysmal inequalities and of so many criminal acts, physical, of cartel, and of corruption, is a myth that has to be cancelled and forever. Too much is too much.

For this reason, on the principle that the people are the masters of their own destiny and not the privileged governors, passive and without visions, often colluded and corrupted with the independent economic powers, for next 21st of JUNE, at summer solstice of northern emisphere and winter solstice for southern emisphere, is called a global demonstration, the DEMONSTRATION OF RUBICON OF THIRD MILLENNIUM, in all capitals and in ALL TOWNS OF ALL NATIONS OF THE EARTH. A demonstration peaceful, powerful and cheerful, where all persons, women and men, of all age, class and origin, eager to change this world badly sick, are invited to participate, everyone with his/her own contribution of knowledge and faith in the hope of a better future moulded by the citizen of one Nation, the Nation EARTH.

Do not be afraid. These words, perhaps prophetic, were pronounced by a great charismatic leader, peaceful and in the same time revolutionary, Pope John Paul II, who already during his life perhaps foresaw that humanity was approaching the Rubicon. A few days ago similar words have been pronounced, with the same spirit, at Tunis, from where they have bounced to Egypt  and from Egypt all over the world: “Do not burn yourself, burn the fear that is inside yourself”. Words joining the whole humanity, independently of religion. And they, these words, are valid also for western man, for many reasons enslaved by consumism, consumism that has destroyed his spirituality and his humanity. Only if we will not be afraid of sharing our Earth with our fellow man we will be able to catch the faith and the force to set on this new road after crossing the Rubicon.

Obama has shown that the governments will not change the road of Man’s destiny. The change can only come from below with a clear demonstration of all persons of good will who see the unbearable injustices of the planet. We will start therefore next 21st of June showing signs of the first two changes that all inhabitants of Earth demand: Economy written in Constitution to be under control of governments; and remunerations with ratio one to five. We will give to our governments six months time to start each program that the people of the planet require, and we will proceed then from solstice to solstice. We will wait then until the winter solstice of northern emisphere of the 22nd December for a new planetary demonstration and, in case the first two requests will not be satisfied, we will demand in such case the immediate change of all members of governements.

Next 21st June, the day of SOLSTICE, is a particular day most suitable for crossing the RUBICON. It is the day and the point from where the EARTH begins her voyage toward the solstice that will determine the beginning of the new year 2012. There is much talking about this 2012, of the prophecies linked to it, of the maya calendar, and so on. Though following these news and informations as simple observers, it is impossible not to catch the coincidence, more than the crossing of our MILLENARY RUBICON, with the concordance of 5000 years elapsed from the beginning of the decadence of Man. Even if true that Man did some technological progress worth of mention in the last years, it is also true that on the social, moral and spiritual side, and of the Reason, with the so many disasters described in this blog, he could not fall more down.

There is a new sense of community, brotherhood, tuning or common view, desire of true democracy and of a new freedom with the respect of the dignity, freedom and privacy of the person, particularly of the woman, which is coming not only from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Maroc, Libya and other arab countries, but also from “rich” America and from “rich” Europe and from “rich” China and other countries of the Orient, not to mention about Africa, because the differences of whom has so much and whom has nearly nothing are abysmal and anymore bearable, because in these abysmal differences the spirituality, the dignity and the respect of everyone are suffocated. Furthermore in order to avoid massive destructive exodus we have urgent need to level the societies of all planet on a common same economic standard.

CITIZENS OF THE EARTH!!, you are invited to participate next 21st of JUNE at the GREATEST DEMONSTRATION OF MAN’S HISTORY. Let us show to our governors our face and our intentions making them to understand that they are there to defend our interests and not only that of the rich ones. Therefore CITIZENS OF THE EARTH, from Rome to Milan, from Naples to Paris, from London to Berlin, from Madrid to Athen, from Copenhagen to Cape Town, from Brussel to Pekin, from Amsterdam to New York, from Stockholm to Buenos Aires, from Oslo to Cairo, from Warsaw to New Delhi, from Moscow to Punta Arenas, from San Francisco to Sydney, from Ulan Bator to Singapore, from Samoa to Los Angeles, from Santiago to New Orleans, from Kinshasa to Mumbay, from Macao to Tahiti, from Rio de Janeiro to Dar Es Salam, from Teheran to Tanger, from Lisboa to Antananarivo, from Johannesburg to Alger, from Budapest to Caracas, from Bangkok to Tokyo, from Osaka to Mexico City, from Manila to Vancouver, from Giakarta to Istanbul, from Auckland to Shangai, and all citizens of all other towns of the Earth, prepare yourselves for the greatest demonstration of Man’s history next 21st of June in all towns of the world.

For this first step the slogans will be: Economy in Constitution – Economy with Rules – Economy Governed – No to Unlimited Freedom – Stop Plundering Nature – More Balanced Civilization –  Stop to Thieves – Stop to Speculation – Stop to Libertinism – Stop to Slyness – Prices According Governmental Brackets – Governmental Rates for Professions – Rates Shown At City Halls – Remunerations 1 to 5 – Salaries 1 to 5 – Wages 1 to 5.

Communicate to all the world, in all languages known by You, this new Millenary Program whose purpose is a new conception of life of peaceful progress, more balanced and without excesses, on one planet belonging to only one Nation, the Nation of the Citizens of the Earth.

The voyage of one thousand miles starts with one single step. This is our first step and the Governments will be appointed to govern according to the aspirations of the People of the Earth, as it is expected by a true democracy.

Appointment on the 21st of June along the streets of ALL TOWNS OF THE EARTH, for the start of a new Hope of a new prosperous Future!!!


The demonstration is a spontaneous one and has no leaders and no political parties. It’s a simple peaceful walk, in the direction of the Sun from east to west, in order to show a new consciousness of human soul.