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Translation of Article n. 83


A Star is born

The birth of a new life is always a very beautiful and exciting happening, involving ourselves throwing us out in the future, the future of space-time where it will try to impose its development and its destiny. The coming Christmas of this year 2011 will have the privilege to celebrate the birth of a new life, a new reference point for the destinies of humanity for millennias to come.

Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus in the christian religion, the bearer of a new message of love and friendship among men and peoples, was established by the founding fathers of the Church for the 25th December in concurrence of the historical celebration in ancient times for the beginning of a new astronomical year in the occasion of Winter Solstice, now occurring on 22nd December but in other years varies between 22nd and 21st December.

Christmas therefore symbolizes the birth of a plurality of events, in the fields of religion and astronomy. And the celebration of Christmas is recognized as a festivity by all inhabitants of the planet, to any religion they belong, just because, going beyond the religious uniqueness of christianity only, is engraved in the psyche and in the unconscious memory of all citizens of the Earth whom recognize at that occasion the birth or the rebirth of the Divine that is in their immortal soul and in the cosmic and earthly nature around them.

In this day celebrating the “Birth” by the many universal meanings a new birth is included, the birth of a new important millenarian star. It is the STAR OF AWARENESS or CONSCIENCE of the Citizens of the Earth that they have arrived at a turning point. All the Citizens of the Earth sense vaguely that the path followed so far has lead them to a place of space-time where they do not recognize themselves in the values flaunted by the democratic institutions representing them and where they live, because these values are the opposite of the immortal values of Civilization that the Citizens of the Earth unconsciously have kept, like in a casket or in a strong-case, within their soul through the millennias.

This Winter Solstice of next 22nd December, when the Earth will begin, in her orbit, to run toward the Sun, modern man will find himself at a crossroad and therefore he must decide his destiny. He must decide if he has to coninue toward barbarism, shown by the present leaders and institutions, or if he has to proceed instead toward the lost direction of Civilization, indicated by the values that he keeps in his soul.

It is beginning to appear that continuing with the present values and institutions, and with the rising in several european Countries of authoritarian movements for order and discipline, could lead at an unavoidable catastrophe by the imponderable dimensions. At the origin of this malaise there is a general global impoverishment, moral and material, which has caused the formation of values like contrapositions, excesses of differences, unbalance, hate, vengeances, wars, exclusions, greed, lost conception of respect and freedom for others, corruptions, and belief in only one God: God Money.

It appears also always more evident that this malaise and this impoverishment, with the current serious global economic and financial depression, have been consequent to the global planetary free market. As it appears also evident that our leaders and governors have forgotten the meaning of Civilization we, the Citizens of the Earth, remind them the main components of it that are Peaceful Progress, Love, Harmony, Conciliation, Balance, Sharing, Inclusion, Justice, Soberness, Honesty, Respect for the Dignity and Freedom of others, that are values at the opposite of those mentioned before toward which they, our leaders, are pulling us with their insanity of a global free market.

In order to reverse the race toward the disaster, and in order to save the Euro, apart from the 6 points formulated at the article n. 77 – The Betrayal of Constitutions -, it would be necessary therefore: 1 – to ABOLISH at once the GLOBAL FREE MARKET admitting it among the Countries of Europe with similar or equal economic conditions only; 2 – to institute the Nation Europe composed of the mentioned Countries abolishing the current national parliaments; 3 – to apply PROTECTIONISM to this european area including also the United States of America; 4 – to add gradually to this first nucleus all other Nations that will decide it freely, setting up the building of a new Universal Nation.

Once this Universal Nation will be formed there will apply the cosmic laws of Harmony for a multi-millenarian peaceful Progress. Starting from that moment it will be decreed the end or the extinction of the greatest monotheism of the history of man, the monotheism of God Money, as indicated in the previous articles. A leader with clear ideas and resolute manner and sufficient charisma to be able to convince the Citizens of the Earth could realize this program in some decade of time.

It might look a program suitable for a war time period. But we already are in a state of war, the current war of the so many economic and social disasters that appear to lead us toward the defeat, the failure, the death of Euro and the surrender without conditions. It is in this difficult situation that a star is born, the STAR of AWARENESS that will show, on the day of Winter Solstice of 22nd December, to all Citizens of the Earth of good will the alternative road to Life, to Faith, to a bright Future full of Hope and Outlooks in the regained immortal values of Civilization.

But the decision, to follow the road to defeat or instead the road to rebirth in the values of Civilization, belongs to the Citizens of the Earth that can show it clearly with a spontaneous massive and peaceful demonstration next 22nd December.

If Harmony descends from the Cosmos, in order to express this new possibility for the Soul and Civilization, there is nothing more suitable than the Christmas Song:




Translation of article n. 47.

A race without stop through endless disasters and continued for millennia, interrupted only by breaks more or less long between a disaster and the next, always pursuing the illusion of a more just and modern truth. This millennia-old process has repeated itself endless times concluding all its phases with always more bitter delusions. This process has continued up to our days when all illusions have collapsed, revealing suddenly to modern Man the unmistakable reality in front of him.

With the defeat and collapse of the communist totalitarism it seemed that the western capitalist democracies, with limitless freedom operating in a free market, with the many achievements of science, of technology, of human rights, of the many social achievements, of the liberation from religion, had reached the ideal condition for the full and healthy development of modern man, as never before in the known history. So strong was the pride of this Man for belonging to this lucky and blessed part of the human beings that he pretended, and is still pretending in his blindness, to export all over the world his own system which represented the extreme top of civilization!!

But it was only a dream!!! The dream had been believed and passed as reality by trusting the idea that could exist a man without soul, a “civic” man subject only to his material needs without any relation with his soul or spirituality that even today, and for much longer time to come, is and will be mocked or jeered at by so many presumed “intellectuals”. Such a man without soul operating with a limitless freedom in a world without rules has given way to the formation of the unique and greatest monotheism of the history of all times: the belief in God Money and its accumulation with the consequence of the abysmal differences and of excesses of enormous wealth and debts between men and between nations that are shaking frightenigly the foundations of the essence of whole humanity.

Even love, the most noble expression of human soul, has been understood as sex, and one let believe that there must be a right to sex as a basic need of this modern man without soul. The question arizing spontaneously is how could have happened, how could ever have been possible that this western modern man had become in reality a pure and simple beast??

The dream of Lighthouse of Civilization has been transformed in the reality o the Lighthouse of barbarism. This is the condition in which modern man finds himself involved and that he must face if he wants to be saved. This modern man, though, has already understood, before his governors, that he must first of all reorganize the values of the soul, and there are many signs from many various sources indicating that this new consciousness, a true and proper reawakening of the soul, favoured by the use of internet, join all citizens of planet Earth on the immortal values of their humanity that they have always kept unconsciously inside themselves.

The reawakening of Anima Mundi is the great event that we are living. The awareness of the citizens of Earth that they belong to the same family and recognize, all of them, the same values of Civilization. These values are simple and easy to understand for all. They are the restoring of the Measure in all manifestations of human activities, the reduction of excesses letting everybody be able to express his own dignity for being an important part of the creation.. From this reduction of excesses is descendent the respect for oneself and that for one’s fellow man and the respect for the nature around us, without any form of violence. Without respect for oneself cannot descend the other two nor the absence of violence. These values reject the contrapositions and are nurtured by the teachings of Civilization based on inclusion and Measure.

The reawakening of Anima Mundi is also the awareness of taking in our hands our own destiny, according our own conscience, recognizing the eternal values of the humanity that are lying in each single person, as a new Polar Star toward which to direct our own steps on the lost road to Civilization. This new Anima Mundi is not waiting for, nor is depending on the doing or not doing of its own rulers. This new Anima Mundi shows to its own rulers what has to be or not to be done, and when. Our leaders have fully proved to have no ideas. Furthermore they are blocked by a savage contraposition more suitable to the behavior of monkeys than to that of homo sapiens. And they are afraid to “reform”the status quo in order not to lose their many privileges. Therefore the change can only happen with the direct intervention of the Anima Mundi.

While the whole humanity is threatened by the shaking of a looming catastrophe due to the many prejudices, become then paradigmas, mentioned on this blog and proved to be only dreams or illusions, the moment has arrived to act concretely showing all the power of Anima Mundi. As already described on the article n. 31 next 21st of June, tomorrow, it will be held a planetary demonstration in all towns and cities of the world to which will participate all citizens of the Earth of good will who believe in the values of Anima Mundi. It will be a peaceful walk, real or in a metaphorical sense, open to everybody, without distinction of age, sex, social status and religion, where all feel the attraction of sharing a common destiny and all can bring their contribution, little or great that is.

The summer Solstice of 21st of June is particularly suitable to mark the millenary reawakening of Anima Mundi because the Earth begins her part of the orbit which will take her toward the winter solstice of the 22nd of December that is the beginning of the astronomical year 2012 which, may be only for coincidence, so much expectation has inspired in the Anima Mundi. This Anima Mundi then will proceed with peaceful demonstrations from solstice to solstice showing to its own leaders what to do for the following 6 months. The first step of this program has already been described at the article n. 31 and is only a first step on the road of a thousand miles toward the lost Civilization where the belief in the greatest monotheism of the history of man, the belief in the God Money, has no place, being enormously reduced according to the teachings of Civilization.

The restoration of Civilization is in our hands. No one will come to save us from barbarism if we all do not act with our own responsability and moves, becoming our own masters and makers of our destiny.