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121 – THANK YOU!!!

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I have received and continue to receive thousands of “spam” messages all in english. Even if the great majority of them is already filtered by WordPress, a remaining large amount of them keeps appearing on my computer. All of them  bear messages of appreciation for how nice the blog seems to them, how beautiful the content is, how lucky they have been to stumble upon it.

I have let pass a very few of them, otherwise the blog would be flooded with such messages. But I feel that I have to say THANK YOU from the heart to all the senders of these messages, appearing and not appearing on the blog, because I realize that, whatever the real intention, publicity or not, what is sure is that some human souls were    and are behind such transmissions, all around the world. THANK YOU again!!

The reason why so many people like to read this blog is probably because the subjects of many articles are inspired by simple reason and by the immortal values arising from man’s soul, whatever his or her nationality, religion and language. This because the immortal values of the soul are common to all human beings and their humanity and, being immortal, they are perennial as the grass and the stars.

Every endevour, every step, every undertaking, every enterprise, should never miss the idea that all such moves have their roots in the human soul. That was the way for the peace and prosperity of the Fathers of Civilization, a time without war and without excesses and without hate or violence, with sober simple rules, which this blog is trying to advocate.